The PTO is led by an Executive Board that includes a PresidentVice President, Treasurer, and Secretary. PTO activities are also overseen by a number of different standing committees and committee chairs.

Nominations for the next year’s board are accepted in April each year, and in May, the board for the upcoming school year is voted upon. Officers are elected for a term of one calendar year (beginning July 1st and ending on June 30th of the following year) by the general PTO membership. An individual may not serve more than three consecutive years as an officer.

The newly elected Executive Board meets at least once between July 1st and the first PTO meeting of the upcoming fiscal year for the purposes of preparing a balanced budget proposal, school calendar, and to identify fundraisers to be utilized to support the proposed balanced budget. During the school year, there are at least quarterly PTO board meetings and monthly PTO general membership meetings.

For the PTO Bylaws and Responsibilities click here

Meeting Minutes

Click HERE to access PTO Meeting Minutes and Agendas stored in Google Drive.

Our Team

Marni Fisher
Marni FisherPresident
Facilitates all PTO Meetings; Leads and coordinates all PTO Activities; Represents PTO externally; Oversees PTO Communication; Appoints special committees as needed.
Melissa Grey
Melissa GreyVice President
Performs the duties of the President in his/her absence, resignation, or inability to serve.
Kyra Brown
Kyra BrownTreasurer
Manages financial records and activities; Receives funds and support fundraising activities; Oversees budgeting process; Audits and reports out on finances.
Open Position
Open PositionSecretary
Maintains all records of the PTO, records/distributes minutes, manages documentation, records, bylaws, and supports communication and correspondence.
Jane Hilinski
Jane HilinskiBox Tops Coordinator
Nicole Walls
Nicole WallsCommunication
Katrina Stone
Katrina StoneSpring Fest
Sonia Loaknauth
Sonia LoaknauthHigh School Liaison
Eve Pafford
Eve PaffordMembership Co-Chair
Jensina Graydon
Jensina GraydonMembership Co-Chair
Tameka Hylick
Tameka HylickHospitality
Kimberly Camilleri
Kimberly CamilleriRoom Parent Chair
Alison Arias
Alison AriasSpirit Chair
Nina Cleary
Nina ClearyStore Coordinator
Jennifer Olesen
Jennifer OlesenWorthwhile Wednesday
Patrick Cleary
Patrick Cleary Webmaster