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The PTO is led by an Executive Board that includes a PresidentVice PresidentSecretary, and Treasurer. PTO activities are also overseen by a number of different standing committees and committee chairs.

Nominations for the next year’s board are accepted in April each year, and in May, the board for the upcoming school year is voted upon. Officers are elected for a term of one calendar year (beginning July 1st and ending on June 30th of the following year) by the general PTO membership. An individual may not serve more than three consecutive years as an officer.

The newly elected Executive Board meets at least once between July 1st and the first PTO meeting of the upcoming fiscal year for the purposes of preparing a balanced budget proposal, school calendar, and to identify fundraisers to be utilized to support the proposed balanced budget. During the school year, there are at least quarterly PTO board meetings and monthly PTO general membership meetings.

Download the PTO Bylaws HERE

Download the PTO Chair Responsibilities HERE


Shellie Braswell

Facilitates all PTO Meetings; Leads and coordinates all PTO Activities; Represents PTO externally; Oversees PTO Communication; Appoints special committees as needed.

Read more about the duties and responsibilities of the President HERE

Vice President

Open Position

Performs the duties of the President in his/her absence, resignation, or inability to serve.

Read more about the duties and responsibilities of the Vice President HERE


Jennifer Drexler

Maintains all records of the PTO, records/distributes minutes, manages documentation, records, bylaws, and supports communication and correspondence.

Read more about the duties and responsibilities of the Secretary HERE


Maxine Henry

Manages financial records and activities; Receives funds and support fundraising activities; Oversees budgeting process; Audits and reports out on finances.

Read more about the duties and responsibilities of the Treasurer HERE

Audit Chair

Open Chair

Audits the financial records of the PTO and prepares a fiscal year-end audit report.

Box Tops Coordinator

Jane Hilinski

Determining deadlines and associated incentives for submitting box tops. Developing method of collecting box tops in partnership with teachers/office staff. Collecting and submitting box tops by mail according to deadlines.

Finance Chair

Open Chair

Facebook Chair

Carolyn Gallina

Hospitality Chair

Marni Fisher

Room Parent Chairs


Heather Webb


Alexis Wheeler

Solicits volunteers for a minimum of one Room Parent per classroom and coordinates Room Parent activities including support of teacher and student requests/needs, PTO, and class events.

Scholastic Chair

Arielle Schmidt

Plans and coordinates Scholastic Book Fairs.

Spirit Chair

Alison Arias

Plans and implements all Spirit Event activities.

Store Coordinator Chair

Linda Johnson

Staffs the store at PTO events and works with suppliers to maintain inventory.

Vendor Chair

Marsha Viviano

Coordinates Pizza Friday and vendors for PTO events.

Volunteer Chair

Kelly Midili

Coordinates all volunteers needed based on PTO, Teacher, Director requests (e.g., sign up link via SignUp Genius).

Webmaster Chair

Linda Johnson