Using the OCPS ADDitions Website

ADDITIONS is the Orange County Public School program and website where you are required to log in your Volunteer Hours.

At the start of each school year, you need to re- apply and be approved by OCPS to be able to volunteer in our schools (includes a background check). If you have any specific questions about the online system, please ask the staff in the front office. Volunteering at school is one of the most important ways to get involved in your child’s education. Volunteers contribute in many ways, including accompanying classes on field trips, helping to make materials, or organizing and participating at events. Parent volunteers get a close-up view of their child’s school. Seeing how children are taught also can give you ideas on how to help your child at home. The school charter requires that families support the school by volunteering their time. Almost every charter school in Florida has this policy, with most requiring 50 or more hours per year. Innovation Montessori Ocoee families are only required to contribute 20 hours per family. If the volunteer hour requirements are not fulfilled, your child will not be permitted to re-enroll in IMO for the subsequent year. Note that it is the parent’s responsibility to record hours online through the OCPS ADDitions website listed above. Only adult family members will be credited with service hours. Younger siblings will not be allowed to accompany parents to the classroom. All volunteer hours must be fulfilled prior to May 15. Please plan accordingly. Remember, this is a commitment of less than seven minutes per school attendance day.