IMHS Committee

The mission of the IMHS Committee is to support the staff, students and and families of IMHS.
This is a committee under the IMO PTO Owls with its own volunteer team to focus on supporting the high school community fully.
In true Montessori fashion, the students are part of Student Committees at school and will be leading the activities and fundraising efforts for their specific committees.

Stay up to date on upcoming events and activities planned for the IMHS students and community.

IMHS Coffee Connect
March 14th 9am

IMHS Rummage Sale
March 23rd 8am-2pm

Check back often to see all of the exciting events and community building we have planned for the 2023-2024 school year! See all PTO planned events with our At a Glance Calendar.

Our PTO team works hard to show love and appreciation to the IMHS staff throughout the year! You can help support our efforts by donating here.

School Counselor Love

On February 8th in honor of National School Counseling Week, the PTO created gift baskets to recognize the dedicated IMO and IMHS counselors and social workers who support our students each and every day. Their impact is immeasurable and we truly appreciate all that they do for our school community. 

Faculty Meeting Catered

On December 13th the IMHS PTO Hospitality team and Culinary students joined forces to cater the faculty meeting. Students spent the week preparing a delicious assortment of foods, including cucumber bites, samosas, pecan pie balls, Brigadieros, vegan cranberry ball, Christmas sugar cookies, holiday Chex mix, candied bacon crackers, challah French toast, chipped beef cheese ball, fruit tacos, buffalo cheese dip, layered bean dip, and dijon bacon dip.

Kudos to Ms. Lilly and her culinary students for exemplifying the virtues of Montessori education! 

Faculty Friendship Feast

On November 15th the IMHS Hospitality Team hosted the first Middle & High School Faculty Friendship Feast. The teachers enjoyed a delightful spread of homemade chili, baked potatoes, cornbread, and desserts, thanks to the kindness of Middle and High School families.
A special thank yo to our dedicated teachers for their unwavering commitment. Your efforts are truly appreciated! 

Fall Staff Luncheon

On October 25th the IMHS Hospitality Team set up a Fall Staff Luncheon, and it was a true feast for the heart and soul!
A heartfelt thanks to our amazing IMHS families who joined hands to make this day happen for our dedicated teachers and staff and a massive shout out to Subway's Jean Legere for providing us with a delicious spread. Your support means the world to us!


The IMHS PTO Committee is here to help support and collaborate with the students and staff, and cultivate connections among the IMHS families to create space for the IMHS community to grow!
To meet the full PTO Owls team and find out all about the PTO Owls and how we support the staff and students at IMO/IMHS CLICK HERE

IMHS Chair

Michelle Phyars

IMHS Hospitality

IMHS Gardening


Help the IMHS PTO Team purchase items from the staff wishlists, and support the students for events like prom, gradbash, and more!


Student-led initiatives create opportunities for developing autonomy, self-efficacy, interpersonal skills, shared ownership, responsibility, and resilience.
Each IMHS student is placed in a committee of their choice with a small group of peers. Committees meet every Tuesday afternoon to discuss, plan, and implement ideas to support the IMHS community on a school-wide level. This is a year long commitment.
Stay tuned for more details from the school on how to donate towards the student committees.