PTO at Work

A lot of time and effort goes into all that the PTO Owls plan and coordinate! Check out the events and fundraisers the PTO Owls host throughout the year and what all of the funds raised go towards. Together we can make a difference!

Each year through our fundraising efforts, the PTO Owls strive to gift a need to the school; a wish list item that will contribute to improving the learning environment or enhance the school in some way. Here are some items we have been able to help with, thanks to your support and contributions! 

14 computers for IMO testing.

40 roll-up pianos for Ms. Angela music room.

Picnic tables for around campus.

Soundproof panels for the multipurpose room.

It takes a lot to pull off everything the PTO funds and supports. We have fundraisers throughout the year as fun ways to raise money towards all that the PTO supports. 

Nifty Fifty Cards

$1,130 raised (towards PTO)

Fall Raffle Baskets

$517 raised (towards PTO)

Color Run Raffle

$1,881 raised (towards MS & HS Athletics)

Clothing Drive

$441.80 raised (towards MS & HS Athletics)

Color Run Campaign

$6,528 raised (towards MS & HS Athletics)

Electronics Drive

$131.10 raised (towards Robotics Club)

Wooden Roses

$753 Raised (towards PTO)

PTO plans spirit nights where we partner with local businesses and receive a portion of the sales when our school is mentioned at checkout! 

Pelicans Snoballs

August 11th
$187.40 raised 

Game Time

September 7th
$789.26 raised

Playa Pizza

September 27th
$163.14 raised

Tijuana Flats

October 25th
$65.92 raised

Panda Express

November 16th
$68.11 raised


$ raised

Main Event

January 28th
$ raised

Blaze Pizza

March 13th
$ raised

We aim to bring our community together with various events throughout the school year to meet and have a good time!

Movie Night
Super Mario Bros.

August 18th
$142 raised (towards PTO)

Game Night
UNO Tournament

September 8th
$255 raised (towards PTO)

Fall Festival
Great Scott Farms

September 23rd
$1918 raised (towards PTO)

Winter Festival
Cookoff & Movie Night

December 8th
$ 109 cook-off raised
$193 movie night raised (towards PTO)

$312 Student Markets riased (towards students)

Community Connect
Ice Factory

December 15th
$77 raised (towards PTO)

Bingo Game Night
IMHS Campus

January 12th
$ raised (towards PTO)

Someone Special Dance
1st-6th Grade

February 10th
$2,664 raised (towards PTO)

Spring Arts Festival
IMO Main Campus

March 2nd
$775.26 raised (towards PTO)

Color Run Event and Fundraising Campaign raised over $8,000 toward IMO/IMHS Athletics teams!

What an absolutely incredible event! We want to extend our heartfelt thanks to all of you for joining us, having a blast, and rallying together to raise funds for our IMO/IMHS athletics sports teams. Your presence and enthusiasm made this day truly extraordinary. 

See over the years how PTO Owls has raised funds to support school support and community events!